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eziTracker is a telephony based system that enables an organisations remote work force to log their actual time at work and eliminate the tedious task of completing paper timesheets. This naturally means a dramatic reduction in administrative tasks which will free up time to concentrate on other areas of the business.

The employee is given a unique PIN number and a free phone telephone number to call. The staff member/s arrive on site and call the free phone number, at which point they will be prompted to enter their unique PIN number. eziTracker will then advise the employee of their current status within the system. This will be either "you are currently logged in" or "you are currently logged out". eziTracker will then request an response - "enter 1 to log in" or "enter 2 to log out". This is dependent on their current status.

Once an employee has logged into eziTracker the system knows which telephone that employee has logged in from and will translate that information into a readable form within Quickviews/Reports.

eziTracker has a simple set up where all locations are entered into the system so the information can be brought together at a natural point. There may be an occasion where the number is not recognised and the system will pull this out as an unknown site. At this point this is an exception and can be addressed accordingly. It may be that the employee has logged out on-site but this is not within the system or they have logged out at home or some other number to try to cut corners.

The time is logged within eziTracker for both start and end time and calculates actual working hours. Within eziTracker you can set budgeted hours for a specific contract/site and the system will highlight whether the organisation is over or under budget for that particular site or contract.

This information is up to date and accurate.



eziTrackerNet allows an organisation to view data through one of the most common medium in today's world - the Internet. By logging onto eziTrackerNet you can access live information with regards to the whereabouts of the remote workforce.

By using the Internet it doesn't matter where you are in the world, so long as you have your User Name and Password you can log onto the site to ascertain the live situation for a particular client or any individual that may be causing concern.

eziTracker takes the information from all the employees and puts the data into electronic timesheets that can be viewed by employee, by site or by who is currently logged in. The data is collated in such a way that the views are easy to navigate and can quickly and seamlessly change from screen to screen.

The information that is relevant to one particular site is calculated, which will highlight the current status of the hours worked against that of the budgeted hours.

If there is something specific to your organisations requirements then one of our Account Managers will be more than happy to discuss and investigate whether or not this is a feasible option.



eziTrackerVoice gives the option of leaving a voice message for an individual employee, specific contract or job or globally.

This is delivered to each individual employee and is collected before the employee can log in or out of the system. This means that you know the employee has received the message if they have logged in.

Currently organisations have to chase around trying to locate an individual employee or they have to leave a message with someone else to pass on. At no stage is it guaranteed that the employee has received the information. eziTrackerVoice will have saved valuable time and money by not making several phone calls trying to locate a member of the remote work force.

Messages are recorded by the Manager/Supervisor and can range from very simple requests or more in depth options. Some messages as example are "please ring the office when you arrive on-site", "the additional equipment you requested is situated in XXXX" or "can you please do X extra today".

A report can be generated that shows the current status of any message that has been left.

Within eziTrackerVoice you can set up pre-defined parameters that request a response. These can be such things as "enter job number", "enter site code" or "specify the parts used".

In some circumstances organisations have requested personal information from an employee such as "date of birth", "mothers maiden name" or as extreme as "shoe size". This will then eliminate any buddying up of employees should any of the remote work force turn up late or not at all. This scenario is usually carried out as a random check where several employees within a contract or within the company are sent the message and the buddy system is then reduced to a minimum and the organisation has a true picture of actual hours worked.

Once again, if there is something specific that your organisation would like eziTrackerVoice to do, then one of our Account Managers will be more than happy to discuss and investigate whether or not this is a feasible option.



eziTrackerAlerts works on simple parameters that are set up within eziTracker. The alerts can be delivered in two ways, either by e-mail or SMS text message. The options are available on the basis that some managers are away from their desk and will not be in a position to respond to alerts that arrive by e-mail.

The alerts can be used in several ways to ensure the optimum in customer service and client/contract retention. They can be set to alert should an employee not be on-site for a specific time, for example if you are a Cleaning Company where the job in question has one person on-site. The current paper systems that are probably in use would not highlight that there is an issue until the following day when an irate client calls and asks the question "why was no one on-site yesterday evening?"

With eziTrackerAlerts you will be advised as soon as there is an issue. If the parameters have been set to alert you when someone hasn't logged in 10 minutes after their start time then the system will send either an e-mail or SMS message. At this point, the company are now in a position to respond to this area of concern. If no one else is available to resolve the issue then a simple e-mail to the client or a telephone call advising that you are aware, will eliminate any hard to face telephone calls and give the organisation a reputation of being in the know and second to none regarding Customer Service.

There are other extreme circumstances where alerts are a necessity in today's world. For organisation such as Security or Social Workers there could be a time when an employee needs to go into a volatile situation.

The Alerts can be set in a totally different way - for example if a normal visit would be 45 minutes you can set the system to alert you should an individual employee not log out after 50 minutes or 1 hour. Once again these parameters are set by you.

Once the alert has been triggered the organisation are once again in the know with regards to the whereabouts of their employees - in scenarios like this then there may be an issue and some action needs to be taken.

Personal security is a major concern and there have been reports of employees been taken hostage etc. In, all be it, rare occurrences swift action is required.

The alerts may need to be looked at specifically for your organisation. On these occasions our Account Managers are more than happy to discuss your specific requirements and investigate the feasibility of implementing such a requirement.



Quickviews are simple reports that are viewed via eziTrackerNet and are live reports as to the current whereabouts of your remote staff. They highlight which sites have personnel on-site and you can view who has logged in and logged out at what time.

These can be viewed;

By employee
By site
Or as an overview of actual hours worked against budgeted hours

One of the many benefits of having live information is that it will highlight the exceptions such as over budget or certain members of staff not being on-site and the necessary action can be taken to resolve any issues that are evident.

From the quick views you can access data going back to 3 months ago so that any queries that may arise from your clients can be addressed quickly and easily.

Old systems such as paper timesheets and unorthodox data entry, makes life difficult to get hold of the necessary reports in a timely and cost effective fashion.

Within the Quickviews option you can also look at individual employee or site details to get an overview of activities etc. For example - if an employee is scheduled to visit 4 sites per day and this is being achieved, but always incurs 30 minutes overtime. This could be for a number of reasons. The jobs that he/she is attending are too large, the distance between the sites is too great or there could be a training need for this particular employee. Whatever the reasons, you have the data available and can address this as an area of concern.

Alternatively, it may be that an employee is completing the required job under the estimated time and is getting home early every evening. Some companies still pay the full hours that have been specified and every body wins. However if there is sufficient time then an additional contract may be taken on and that employee be given a further incentive such as a pay rise or bonus.

Whatever the situation the data is there and will highlight the exceptions for you to deal with.

As an integral part of the eziTracker service your organisation will be sent a site report at the end of each day which itemises every site with who logged in and out and at what time. These reports are sent via e-mail.

In addition to the daily report, the eziTracker system will supply you with a Payroll report on a weekly, bi-weekly, 4-weekly or monthly basis dependent on your requirements. This report is sent in a flat file format (.csv) which can be imported, exported or disseminated through your business. This report can be supplied minutes after the payroll cut off to ensure that all payments to staff are made in a timely and precise fashion.

In 99% of cases it is possible to link the payroll report into your existing payroll system where all the data regarding actual worked hours are transferred. It may be necessary to customise some part of the report or integration process.

Some organisations have already tailored the reports to fit into existing systems that may need some specific information. This may be a particular job number, reference or contract code.

It is at this point where one of our Account Managers can discuss your requirements in detail to ensure that the reports generated are those that you require and need. In today's market it is essential to be flexible when integrating to existing systems and processes of which eziTracker is at the forefront of.

If you would like to discuss your organisations requirements in greater detail or have a demonstration of the service then please got to CONTACT DETAILS.